History Of The Stock Exchange

Built in 1905, the beautiful Muheim building housed the Brewery Saloon, the most popular libation hall in Bisbee. But in 1914 the Federal Government enacted and enforced the “Noble Experiment” which banned all alcohol sales and terminated all liquor licenses in Arizona. John Muheim was forced to shut the doors to his saloon and look for new business opportunities for the bar.

The brokerage firm of Duey and Overlock, located on the second floor, was convinced to relocate their offices to the main floor. A stock board was installed in place of the disassembled bar. A ticker tape was sent from the E.F. Hutton offices in Manhattan and the New York Stock Exchange in Arizona was born.

When the doors reopened in the early 1980s, John Muheim’s original intent for his building was once again a reality. The Stock Exchange Saloon proudly displays the board while providing a gathering place for friends and visitors to partake of their favorite spirits in an atmosphere of days gone by.

Fast forward to 2016, Patricia Ann Steward (The Duchess of Hemp) and her team of artisans and craftspeople have painstakingly restored this important historical Bisbee, Arizona landmark. Ms Steward, an expert in historical building restoration, has revived three significant historic properties in Bisbee, 6 Naco Road (The Firehouse), the Ashram on Maxfield and now the Stock Exchange Building in Brewery Gulch.

Step inside and look around!